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September 22nd ♥ 関ジャニ∞'s Debut (2004)
Debut Single: 浪花いろは節
  • 横山裕 (Yokoyama Yu) – 1981.05.09 <black ranger>
  • 渋谷すばる (Shibutani Subaru) – 1981.09.22 <red ranger>
  • 村上信五 (Murakami Shingo) – 1982.01.26 <purple ranger>
  • 丸山隆平 (Maruyama Ryuhei) – 1983.11.26 <orange ranger>
  • 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota) – 1984.09.11 <blue ranger>
  • 錦戸亮 (Nishikido Ryo) – 1984.11.03 <yellow ranger>
  • 大倉忠義 (Ohkura Tadayoshi) – 1985.05.16 <green ranger>

Formed in December 2002, out of the 7 most outstanding kansai johnny’s jrs. at the time, Johnny-san added Ohkura to match their name. Releasing their first single “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” first as kansai limited edition, debuting in #8 spot of overall chart and then nationwide reaching #1 on both enka and overall charts. At this time, the numerical “8” in their name was turned onto its side and made into an infinity symbol (∞).

In 2005, Uchi Hiroki was suspended from all activities due to an underaged drinking incident. Ever since then, eito is a 7 member group, considering the fans as their 8th member. Known for being very close since they shared the same experiences as juniors they considerate each others best friends. Eito is currently celebrating their special 8th anniversary by touring nationwide and releasing soon their first best album called “8EST”

Happy 8th Anniversary! 幸せな8周年記念!
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