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July 4th ♥ 増田貴久 (Masuda Takahisa)

Masu joined the agency in November 1998. During his junior days he backdanced for many of his seniors. In 2003, he landed the starring role in the drama special Musashi, and because his singing talent, later on his debut as a member of NEWS was announced. At the same time, he also performed with the junior group Kis-My-Ft, cause they were missing the letter “M”.

When NEWS went on 1st hiatus in 2006, he and Tegoshi Yuya, continued their work as the singing duo Tegomass, releasing singles and touring even overseas. After NEWS went on 2nd hiatus, he also focused on Tegomass activities, while planning NEWS comeback. 

Masu is the mastermind behind NEWS countdowns and he’s usually the fashion leader and creative guy among the other members, although he is the only member who hasn’t attended university, he is very smart, knowing all kinds of weird trivias due to his curious personality. He is also active in stage-plays. Currently, he is getting ready for NEWS comeback single and Tour.

Happy 26th Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!〜
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