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May 9th ♥ 横山裕 (Yokoyama Yuu)

Yuu-chan joined the agency in December 1996. His mother signed him up because he thought her son was better looking than a classmate who was also a junior. Johnny-san himself changed his given name “Kimitaka” to “YOU” since he thought that was easier.

Due to his poor background Yoko never went to high school and was instead sent to work to make money for his family. In 2004, he and his kansai bandmates went on and debut as Kanjani8. Although he is the oldest member, he has no intention to become the leader. Murakami Shingo and him are usually in charge of the MC parts. Yoko is also the master mind behind “Kanjani Sentai Eight Ranger”, a skit he created for concerts.

He was raised by his mother and grandfather, when they both passed away he decided he’d be in charge of his brothers and always likes to mention how much he loves them. He often writes lyrics for the group, and some of them are about and dedicated to his mother and grandfather.

Nowadays, he and the rest of the group are preparing the movie version of Yoko’s original creation called “Eight Ranger”.

Happy 31st Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!~

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