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Apr 9th ♥ 山下智久 (Yamashita Tomohisa)

Pi joined the agency in September, 1996. His original name is 青木智久 -Aoki Tomohisa- but changed it after his father left his family. As a Johnny’s Jr., he became a member of B.I.G. and in 2002, 4TOPS was formed with former B.I.G members Yamashita, Ikuta, Hasegawa, and Kazama to lead the Juniors after the debut of Tackey & Tsubasa.

In 2004 it was announced the debut of a new group lead by YamaPi that wouldn’t include any of his bandmates but a new set of juniors, and NEWS was formed. He continued his solo activities, his activities as a member of NEWS and also graduated from Meiji University in September 2008 with a degree in marketing.

In October 2011, Tomo announced he would be leaving NEWS to pursue a solo career and soon after switched labels to Warner Music Japan. During this chaotic time he went on a  cross-country trip across the historic Route 66, alone, and this was featured in the TV documentary; 「山下智久・ルート66~たったひとりのアメリカ」.

Ever since he has starred in the dorama Saikō no Jinsei”, according to Producer Iyoda Hidenori, Pi wanted to appear in a drama dealing with the warmth of a family. Later, he released a single called 「愛、テキサス」(5th single). More recently, He is making quite an effort on gaining his fans back and he his thankful of those who have supported him through all these times.

Happy 27th Birthday! お誕生日おめでとう!〜

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